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Manage stress, anxiety and performance through a mindset, health and happiness approach 

Inspiring, Rewarding
30 Day Wellness Challenge

Our 30 day wellness program is scientifically proven to help your employees improve their health outcomes, create new healthy habits, and look & feel better in just 30 days. Results guaranteed!

Stress Management Workshop
This workshop is designed to help people to improve their health outcomes, creating new healthy habits, understand the causes of stress, how to manage stress, and support others through stress & feel healthier by delivering wellness content 100% tailored specifically to each individual. 

ShaeWellness™ is the world’s leading platform In Personalised Health. 

By taking specific measurements that tell us about your body’s unique development and its current health status, ph360 can provide you with health advice, that is built for you!  

From the types of foods to eat, exercise that is best suited to your body, through to helping you understand your best sleep patterns and most effective ways to manage stress at home and in the workplace. 

It understands your unique brain function, to assist with the development of your natural strengths, communication styles and support with habit formation and adherence to goals. 

Providing a completely supportive, individualised and integrated approach to health.

Getting Started...

Listen - We listen while you tell us what’s important to you and your business. Our needs analysis will uncover the metrics, data and health markers that you want to improve.

Create - Based on your input we create a tailored solution to achieve your specific goals

Deliver - Using our three step framework we deliver personalised food, exercise and lifestyle advice to each member of your team. 

Assess - we continually measure, monitor and assess to ensure your success.

Relationships - we’re all about developing relationships to establish long term sustainability in wellness

How we help you...

  • Boost: Energy levels 
  • ​Improve: Mood & subjective wellness ratings
  • Aid: Weight loss and improved body composition
  • Reduce: Risk of chronic disease
  • Promote: Better sleep
  • Increase: Mental function and clarity

How we help your business...

  • ​Staff Wellness
  • ​Engaged Employees
  • ​Happy Relationships
  • ​Positive Culture
  • ​Team Dynamics
  • ​Healthy Results
  • Improved: Communication
  • Improved: Relationships at work
  • Improved: Productivity
  • Reduced: Stress in the workplace
  • Reduced: Absenteeism 
  • Reduced:  Sick leave
  • Improved: Staff retention
  • Improved: Quality of life
  • Improved: Business performance
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